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Boomerang is one way to pass a Sunday. That's for sure.

When watching Boomerang on a Sunday, during the Boomeraction block where old action cartoons -- largely Hanna Barbara or Ruby Spears, but with exceptions based on whatever else Turner and Time-Warner managed to purchase so they can run for next to nothing -- it's sometimes fun to play "hey, it's that voice!" The most fun is to play it with Ted Cassidy, who was most famous as Lurch on The Addams Family, though truth be told we don't remember him for his voice on that show. The great thing is, he was gigantic and powerful, and yet he was also a kick-ass voice actor, doing voices on a vast majority of Hanna Barbara's different cartoons (and singing -- singing -- the Adam Ant theme song. It was fun to identify him as Meteor Man in the Galaxy Trio and Frankenstein Junior in the cartoon as the same name. And of course, when he guested on Star Trek as the android Ruk, and shouted with exactly the same voice as Meteor Man that "That was the equation! -- well, it was a great moment of cognitive dissonance. (And made you suspect that James T. Kirk would have sexual relations with Gravity Girl in the next scene.)

Today was the king of such voiceover shenanigans, though. The evil ruler of a shrunken city, on Thundarr the Barbarian, was done with the completely undisguised voice of Fred Flintstone.

Not the original, mind. Alan Reed died some years before Thundarr. But whoever voiced that villain was also the replacement actor for Fred, and was uncannily good at emulating Alan Reed's performance. And he used that same performance on Thundarr.

Years later, Thundarr worked as a mob enforcer for "Dabba Don" Fred Flintstone on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. I can't help but think this is where they met. And that Barney nailed Princess Ariel. Sure, Barney was married, but dude -- Princess Ariel. I mean, wouldn't you?


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I'm sorry, but Barney Rubble is married to what many men have assured me is the single most desirable woman in history. And this despite his disturbing necklessness. You think he'd throw that over for Princess Ariel?

In a world where charmingly befuddled Hugh Grant can throw over demonically alluring Elizabeth Hurley for Divine Brown? Barney is a simple soul. Besides, there would be peer pressure involved, no doubt. His fellow Water Buffaloes would be chanting, and betting, and beer would be drunk....

Oh, he'd feel rotten the next day, and he'd confess all to Betty, who'd throw him out of the house. But she'd take him back, after time. They'd work it out. It's in her nature. And Barney would be laughing not-unlike a monkey within a week or two once more.

And Princess Ariel? Man, she rode out of town and never looked back.

Yes, but, although this hardly excuses Hugh Grant's behavior, Elizabeth Hurley, although beautiful, is kind of evil. Whereas Betty is a lovely woman, and she and Wilma undoubtedly have some kind of wacky scheme already concocted to handle any potential infidelities on the part of their husbands, who, admittedly, are probably easily led astray simply because they're kind of stupid.

Oola from "Alley Oop" would just beat them over the head with a club, of course.

Wait. Maybe we're going about this all wrong.

If you look, Ariel's leotard and Betty's dress are exactly the same shade of light blue. And their hair is about the same shade of midnight blue/black, as seen only in comic books and cartoons.

Maybe Barney and Betty met in their freebooting youth, Betty fresh out of college and going through a kind of neo-light-blue Goth thing, which explains the name "Princess Ariel." (I mean -- honestly. Princess of what? Princess of riding around on a horse after a longhair codependent and a rather damp smelling Mok?) Meeting up with Barney, she got grounded back into reality, forswore "magic" (it was always more the mushrooms than the hand motions, anyway) and settled down. Later, she adopted Thundarr's baby (with Tara from the Herculoids, which explains the white hair -- she cleaned her own act up and later on married the remarkably similar looking but far more empowering Zandor) when he couldn't handle the responsibility of fatherhood and skipped town, which is what led to his later mafia enforcement lifestyle.

Which not only explains how it was that Barney and Ariel hooked up, but also explains why Betty sticks with a schlub like that in the first place. He may be neckless, but he doesn't demand she "RIDE" every thirty seconds and insult her religion to her face.

As for Oola... look, I'd never cast aspersions on Oola, but honestly. Oola? Ookla? The names are clearly too close. She's a Mok -- at least by adoption. And Ookla's clearly her no-account hippy brother.

I want your drugs, Bro.

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