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And! I survived the trip!

I am typing this entry from a Wifi hotspot in the internationally known Moosewood Restaurant, in Ithaca, New York. I survived, and except for a screwup on the Penny and Aggie snark, everything distributed.

Ithaca is rainy today, but Ithaca is always rainy. I lived in Ithaca and I lived in Seattle. Seattle had an omnipresent mist from November to March. Ithaca has big-ass drops of rain from the moment the Cornell students arrive to the moment they leave.

It felt nice. Like a baptism. Like a homecoming.

Okay, it felt wet. What do you want -- I'm exhausted.


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I live in Seattle right now. Things must have changed from when you lived here, because lately it's been an omnipresent wimpy hotel shower from September through June.

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