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A brief note

Still not feeling good, and I ran out of Digger to reread, so I read Rip & Teri instead.

T. Campbell is more than the hardest working writer in Webcomics. He's an absolute expert at pacing. And Waltrip is phenomenal at superspy action.

That's all. I'm going to close my eyes for a bit.


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Bog be damned man. Get some rest. As a former history teacher, Rip and Teri's been of interest. Ah, if only the job was actually that glamorous, I might still be in the classroom.

-Bob Stevenson

Love to see my name in print, but the link doesn't work (it's missing a letter).

This one does: http://www.graphicsmash.com/series.php?name=rip

Corrected now. I told you I didn't feel well.

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