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You know, this is ironic too.

From I Drew This. Click on the thumbnail for full sized hair.

Folks who know me know I'm a liberal. I used to be a moderate, but the last four years drove me steadily so left I walk into shelves in supermarkets. So please understand I agree with this cartoon's sentiment. I also actually like the cartoon as a cartoon -- very pretty art, a better sense of aesthetics and whimsy than Simpson's managed with Ozy and Millie for quite some time, and a very accessible message on the whole, agree with it or no. Good political cartoon, except....

Isn't there a statue of limitations on Alanis Morrasette "Ironic" jokes? And didn't it expire in, like, 1997, the year after the song came out? I mean, it's been eight years. The well's bone dry, and little Timmy so desperately needs water. Without water, he will die. Please, please seek water for little Timmy.


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Pst. I know this is months after the original, and even months after the subject of my comment happened, but isn't it ironic that the above is exactly what happened? Kerry rolled over for them.

And in Washington State, the Repubs are refusing to gracefully accept the final vote tally for the governor's race.

Isn't it ironic?

No, it's just horrible.


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