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Wow. There *is* a lot of Kryptonite out there....

(From The Astronomy Picture of the Day. Click on the thumbnail for full sized filaments!)

I love APoD, and pictures like this is why. Now, they say this is Cassiopeia A, a remnant of an ancient Supernova, but you can't fool me. This is clearly the remains of the destroyed planet Krypton. Just look at all the Kryptonite out there. And you can sort of make out where people used to live out by the Gold Volcano before they got blown to tiny bits by their whole planet.

One of my favorite bits about Babylon 5 was their use of real starscapes -- and the real beauty and majesty to be found in them -- in their space scenes. Star Trek would have us believe the universe is wholly made up of planets with green atmosphere and black space with pinprick stars. Babylon 5 knows that ILM can't begin to mock up sights as impressive as the Hubble takes pictures of in real life.

Hey look! The ruins of Argo City, chock full of dead Kryptonians because of meteor strikes! Up in the corner! You sort of have to squint to see it.


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