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What scares me is, I know guys like this

(From Sluggy Freelance! Click on the thumbnail for full size bitching!)

I classify Sluggy Freelance as a strip of Story instead of a strip of Funny. This is not to say Sluggy doesn't have the Funny. It does. Though truth be told it's not as sharp in the Funny as the olden days of Sluggy. But where once Sluggy was entirely about the Funny, now the Story is king, and the Funny just spices it up.

For those who've been following carefully, Sluggy is that rarity of rarities -- a strip that went for Cerebus Syndrome and actually (mostly) reached it. It found Story and complexity, without diving into First and Ten suckiness. And part of the reason for that is typically there is the Funny, despite the Story core. Even going into something as deeply painful to read (in a good way) as Fire and Rain doesn't mean that Zoł┤ won't end up as a Camel in a subcompact.

This is a strip of Funny, and it's got it in spades. And it's easy to recognize. There are people who cannot accept either someone being honest or being decent. It has to be their fault, it can't possibly be yours.

Here's hoping kittens eat these two.

(Crap. Now we're going to have another day of pet supply ads in the sidebar.)


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