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We've seen it done right. Now here it's done wrong. It's like a textbook.

boondocks040829.gif(From the Boondocks. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Billboards.)

Yesterday, I praised Non Sequitur for setting up a situation where we had a sight gag and someone commenting on it. It was well executed. "Any fool could misspell illiteracy," I mentioned.

Now, we have today's Boondocks. And we see the dark 'other side.'

The joke itself works, but Huey and Caesar's commentary is wholly unnecessary. It weakens the impact. Had that panel been left out, and we just see the billboard with the pair looking at it, the Funny would have been better and the Point not so belabored.

You see? You see? Good example... bad example. It's like Sesame Street, only you need to operate a web browser.


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