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This song belongs to you and me!

So... you know the JibJab parody of "This Land is Your Land?" That one? The one they're being sued over?

The publishers don't even own it.

Woodie Guthrie published it in 1945 and never renewed the copyright. So it expired. In 1973. It's your song, and my song, and everyone's song.

So. Not only can't JibJab be sued over this... the publishers could potentially be sued by anyone who paid them licensing fees to use the song for the past 31 years.

Wow. Bet they wish they'd just had a sense of humor and an understanding about the Satire Fair Use provisos now. As it is, their little hissy fit's costing them. A lot.

In honor of this so-fitting ending, the complete lyrics of the original song. Owned by me! And you! Thanks, Woody!

This land is your land, this land is my land
From the redwood forest to the New York island.
From the snow-capped mountains to the Gulf Stream waters
This land is made for you and me.

As I go walkin' my ribbon of highway
I see all around me my blue blue skyway
Everywhere around me the wind keeps a-whistlin'
This land is made for you and me.

I'm a-chasin' my shadow out across this roadmap
To my wheat fields waving, to my cornfield dancing
As I go walkin' this wind keeps talkin'
This land is made for you and me.

I can see your mailbox, I can see your doorstep
I can feel my wind rock your tip-top treetop
All around your house there my sunbeam whispers
This land is made for you and me.


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Did Woody Guthrie only write 3 verses and a refrain for "This Land Is Your Land". I recall hearing a verse about a sign that said No Trespassing "and on the other side it didn't say nothin' / and that side was made for you and me"?

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