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The medium is the message

(From Non Sequitur. Click on the thumbnail for full sized spelings an gramer.)

This shows where Wiley's real strengths are, in my opinion. It brings the Funny, it's random, it's out there. He does more and more strips in one (or more) continuities these days, and they're just not as good as when he's just throwing shit out there and seeing what sticks to the wall. For me, the killer stroke is the woman's comment. Almost anyone could show a couple of people staring, bemused, at graffiti misspelling illiteracy. A lot of cartoonists could even make it funny, though layout and pacing.

The woman's comment, however, is the joke in this strip, in my opinion. It's got just enough resignation to it that you can honestly see she's trying to put the best face on the situation. Illiteracy does suck. And hey, at least they tried.

More of a laugh than I usually get from Non Sequitur.


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