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Random Webcomic Notes: Comments On Stuff Too Recently Snarked

I'm making it a point not to snark the same stuff two entries in a row or even every other, except of course when I do. For the most part, I don't think it's necessary. However, sometimes I have a comment on the recently snarked. So on those days, I'll do this: fast comments, with links but no thumbnails. You want to see what I'm snarking about? Go to the strips! TO THE STRIPS, LADS AND LASSES!

(In no particular order, and note there are spoiler warnings throughout, because... well, I'm commenting on the strips....)

  • Queen of Wands: Potentially a good twist of Story, potentially not, depending on where Aeire goes next with it. A bit unfortunate that this is happening so closely to Monette's miscarriage in Something Positive, since the two strips are so closely tied right now. I continue to groove on Queen of Wands, but Aeire needs to watch carefully that her Cerebus Syndrome play doesn't turn into a First and Ten.
  • General Protection Fault: I actually thought that GPF'd go onto the "You Had Me But You Lost Me" list over this weekend, but Darlington's intrigued me by bringing back this somewhat obscure plotline. Intrigued is good.
  • Alex: Alex is essentially gag a day, but they're good gags. Peattie and Taylor sometimes get repetitive when they're not careful, though. Still, at least the Unemployment plotline is done.
  • Nukees: I love Danny. I always have. I always will.
  • Real Life Comics: A solid week of 'real life' oriented strips. I'm liking this trend. I'm liking it a lot. Real Life's off the "Why Do I Read This Webcomic Again" list, for the moment.

Tune in next time... for more Random Webcomic Notes!


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