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PvP Update Pool: Faux Day 2

PvPLogo.gifAnother snark about PvP. Aren't you lucky?

So, the RSS feed for today gives us a time of 5:30. Which would be all fine and good if I didn't know for a fact (confirmed with one of EDG's comments to that effect) that PvP updated no later than 2:30 EDT.

So now, the whole of the PvP Update Pool is in jeopardy. See, I have no problem regularly snarking about Scott Kurtz's inability to set a regular update schedule (or, what would likely be easier, do the strips at least one day in advance). I'm good at it, and as stated before, this is his job.

But it's not cricket to snark about the times he updates and then have a three hour delay between his actual update and what we put down as the official time. It's just. Not. Cricket.

So. The page info on his site reflects the 'update time' of his dynamic content (the google ads and so forth) and so is useless for these purposes. Because his site doesn't generate the RSS itself, it's clear it's done manually by someone else far far away (I don't even recognize the country code for his RSS's server. Not that that means much in the internet world).

I think the pool will have to be canceled due to lack of firm knowledge of update times, and therefore a lack of cricketness in the results.

The humor of the situation? If PvP had a moderately consistent update schedule, that's when I would start checking, so we could at least guestimate the results. So in his inconsistency, Kurtz has managed to make PvP proof from the Update Pool!

Damn you, Max Powers!


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Or maybe something on this page would be better, since all the ones in the prior link seem to be just once-a-day checkers. This one mentions one tracker that can check up to 24 times per day, which means you could make the betting pool hourly, but it costs $20 per year.

I'll keep looking.

How's your shell-fu? If you can get it to compile under OS X (fink doesn't seem to have it yet), then I think that this may be precisely what you're looking for.

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