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Now this is what we've been waiting for.

(From Alex. Click the thumbnail for full sized Stockbrokery.)

When the stock market bubble burst a few years back, Alex the Stockbroker was hit hard, going through lean times at Megabank, and ultimately getting the sack along with the rest of the cast (including fan favorite and total loser Clive). Alex got a job or two along the way, but mostly he had to cope with unemployment, and the systemic loss of status. His Frequent flier and American Express cards were downgraded to mundane colors. His son was pulled out of his prestigious school and had to go to school with poor children. It was sheer Hell.

Well, the markets are back up, and Megabank rehired Alex -- a touch late, as the "unemployed" storyline had gotten pretty long in the tooth. However, in rehiring him, they subjected him to the ultimate indignity -- having to work for Clive, who was the new head of department. (Clive himself got that choice job because he was such a loser he caused several problem employees to resign in disgust -- Rupert, the President, is a master at the ulterior motive.) Alex had some trouble because for years Clive was his pupil in ways to grift off of work, and now he could hold Alex's feet to the fire.

Well, finally the universe has been restored. Two days ago, Alex's self-importance reached its peak when headhunters started calling him again, and now Alex is finding new ways to get drunk on company time. It's been too long, but we're finally back to pure, venal fun.


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