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Lucky Cracker!!!!!!!

(From American Elf. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Crackers!)

I dearly love American Elf. James Kochalka is one of those gentle froods (gentle and deeply perverted, if his Fancy Froglin strip is any indicator, but there's nothing wrong with that, now is there) who is an artist because art is what drives him. He's certainly been celebrated in alternative comics. But, where any number of alternative and indy comics folks have little regard for the web (what reluctant patron saint R. Crumb has to say about the web would scandalize a dockworker, and he's mild compared to Gary Groth), Kochalka has embraced it.

American Elf is a diary strip, more or less. He does a sketch every day, and then he gives them to the world to see on his site. We saw James and Amy considering whether or not to have a child a couple of years back. And then we saw them angst a bit when it looked like Amy wasn't conceiving. And then angst a bit when she did. We've seen baby Eli sick and baby Eli happy. And today we see him walk.

Most folks would simply trumpet the walking child. This is a moment every parent remembers forever. But it takes a real understanding of the magic in the world to recognize a Lucky Cracker at work.

God, I love this strip.


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