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Little Orphan Annie in a role that will surprise you....

(From Annie. Click on the thumbnail for full sized creepy-assness.)

Annie. That's right, Annie. From the Musical. From the comic strip. Little Fucking Orphan Annie. It's been in continuous production as a newspaper strip -- continuous -- since October 18, 1922. Makes "User Friendly" seem a little less old school, now doesn't it?

Now. Look at the scrap Annie's gotten herself into. She was in a plane crash and lost her memory. The Warbucks organization and Annie's pilot/adventurer/guardian has had to give up the search, for how could Annie be alive? Why couldn't they find her? Because a clearly delusional and sociopathic man calling himself The Phantom Commando has stolen her, and taken her clear injuries and delerium as a sign from the spirits that his Sidekick has come to join him at last. He has forced her to sew and change her clothes and browbeats her mercilessly when she questions any of his orders. This isn't cute and funny, this is deeply, deeply disturbing. This is The Collector meets the comics page.

If anyone tells you that major syndicates are afraid to take risks on the comics page, punch them in the mouth, will you?


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