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Joe Sunday better watch out! There's a (very) new colorist in town!

Sluggy040829b.jpg(From Sluggy Freelance. Click on the excerpt to see the whole thing!)

Joe Sunday, the guy who usually colors the Sunday Sluggies, wasn't able to do today's -- in large part because Pete Abrams had major computer trouble this week. Rather than do a black and white Sunday, however, Pete had his four year old daughter Leah color it with crayon.

The crayon coloring actually adds quite a bit (I wonder if he told her she was coloring Leo's maiming scene) and makes the denouement extra-sweet. But the idea that Leah Abrams -- who I still remember most clearly from the period of time right after her birth, when the webcomics community came together to produce Sluggy guest strips (the legendary Sluggy Freelance, Where Are You sequence) -- is now old enough to color with crayons and insist how the art should be scanned and produced is mind boggling.

So, in summary, I'm old, damn it. Screw you, Pete Abrams.


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