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It's raining in Maine...

...and I have far to drive before I get home. I'm back to work tomorrow (which means probably more Snarks through the day than you saw over the weekend from me).

My folks say hi. My Mom has no idea what you people see in me.

While here, I was officially given our copy of The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics, by Bill Blackbeard and Martin Williams. This 11x17 coffee table book (clocking in at 336 pages) fueled my love of comic strips from a very young age. Not only does it cover the evolution of the form, it has context and deep archives -- including an entire adventure of Thimble Theater -- the comic strip Segar wrote and drew, that brought Popeye and Olive Oyl to the world (and didn't have much of a spinach fixation -- other than the fact that Popeye ascribed his toughness to eating right). The adventure is "Plunder Island," and features the Sea Hag.

That's right. Back in 1977, lying on the floor of our living room, I was going through the archives of Story strips from the 30's. Story strips that brought the Funny.

It marked me. And now I get to revisit this tremendous book.


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