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It's like playing with LEGO sets, except instead of blocks I'm using EGO!

We've started tweaking the templates. This is a beginning of the process, not an end, but as we were coming up on a deadline (namely -- the daily comics trawl lists were about to expire from the front page) we needed to adapt so people could easily find the ground rules.

So, over in the sidebar we've now added three sections. "About Websnark.com" currently has the Mission Statement, such as it is, and will ultimately have the about the author and (not so) frequently asked questions list, along with explaining the funky terminology we seem to be developing. You know, "The Funny," "The Story," "First and Ten Syndrome" and the like.

Below that, we have the Daily Comics Trawls. Soon to be added to that are the Collected Page Trawl and the Sporadically Checked Trawl. I might or might not put a specific "Why Do I Read This Webcomic, Again" list here. If I do that, however, I'll probably make a whole new Safari tab group for things on that list, and that's one more step to oblivion. OBLIVION!

Below that is the "You Had Me, And You Lost Me" list, which lists the snarks I write about those strips once read and why I stopped reading them. Which, if you get right down to it, is meant as a public service. While I don't expect cartoonists to change their strips to reflect my tastes, it can't hurt for them to know why someone who once read their strip faithfully decided to give it up.

Below that is the Category archives and all the other tchochkes Movable Type throws in by default. Eventually, because I can already see a pretty hefty impact on my bandwidth (and right now that's more exciting than frightening), Google Adsense ads will get slid in there to help maintain the site.

Slowly, we're going to make this into our place. And by 'our,' I mean 'mine.' No offense.


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Looks good so far! But you'd ease my heart a little if you changed the "Syndicate This Site (XML)" to "Syndicate This Site (RSS)". :)

It *is* RSS, if that helps at all? :)

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