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It's... a fashion statement

(From Real Life Comics. Click on the thumbnail for full sized awakenings.)

Greg Dean's strip, Real Life Comics, is another on the "Why Do I Read This Webcomic, Again" list. This is probably because a majority of his "real life comics" seem to get into weird areas now. Now, I've got nothing against the weird. Hell, I love -- love -- both Achewood and Wigu, and neither of those can be called normal.

But it seems to me Dean really nails his subject when his strips touch more on... well... Real Life than the quasiSF/fantasy stuff. I'm indifferent to Dean having Greg going back in time to force a friend to eat a few bites of Nintendo cereal. But Greg sleeping on his desk? Yeah. The pacing of this strip is about perfect, and it's funny.

Besides, I've slept in my office before. Haven't we all? And doesn't a strip that calls itself "Real Life Comics" want to invoke things that make us say "oh cool. I've been there before?" Doesn't it? Doesn't it?


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