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It was a late night for all of us, it seems

(From FLEM ComicTwo Lumps. Honestly. Not from FLEM Comics at all. Really. Click on the thumbnail for full sized FLE--two lumpishness. Heh,)

I'm up. I'm up. It was a late night. For one thing, I was waiting for my hosting company to finish churning access logs and statistics for yesterday, and then applying Webalizer to them. Which finally happened a couple of hours late, because... well, because there was a lot to churn through.

I decided, early on, not to comment on people linking me here in the page. It seems... I dunno. Garish. Yesterday, though, I got linked by three different places with audience, one of which has high audience. Which I appreciate a lot, because... well, I actually like for people to read this stuff. I know, it makes me weird. So thank you, one and all.

The totals? Heh. Well, when you factor in that on the first day of Websnark I did about nine megabytes of bandwidth, most of which connected to RPG resources I have up on my home site -- no surprise there, as no one actually comes to a site they've never heard of -- you can understand my amazement at doing close to two and a half gigabytes of bandwidth yesterday, comprising thousands and thousands of unique page visits.

In other words... I was PvPdotted. And that was a very fun feeling. Er, not that I'm acknowledging PvP's linking of me. That would be garish, even if I appreciated it, which I did. Or Lore Sjberg for that matter. Or the good folks at Comixpedia and their 24 Hour Pixel People blog. Because then I'd have to mention the Snake Farm especially since they were the first, and... and....

I am such a tool. Jesus.

Anyway, so I slept somewhere close to 11:30, awakened by a phone call from a pretty girl, which if you get right down to it is a good way to wake up. It just is. And then, after running water over my head and drinking tea, I settled down for the day comics trawl.

And saw... well, Twolumps. You know, J. Grant's comic about the cats?

You might be wondering why the thumbnail doesn't look like Ebenezer and Snooch. Well, readers of FLEM comics will recognize the Angry Patriot Boy, of course. And we know J. Grant's been busy -- he just put out a new novel (a novel with a minor misprint on the cover. Something about his name being spelled wrong. Writers -- so sensitive) and of course it was a Friday night, and Grant has an active social life....

Look, when you're uploading comics, it's the same process for them, no matter which site. So he made a little mistake. He's only human. You're not paying for this, you know!

Man, we should probably be thankful it wasn't a strip about dog fucking, shouldn't we? I mean, that'd wake the Two Lumps audience right up, even on a Saturday....


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