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Is it in fact objectification if the woman is a virtual object, code-speaking?

bloodrayne.jpgI got this off of Boing Boing, which is a place where wonderful mind blowing things are often found.

There is a videogame out in the world. It is called Bloodrayne. It features a female protagonist, Rayne, who is noted for being ultraviolent in a gory fashion (thus, the "blood" part of the title). She is also noted for being... female. Very female. In black leather. She is one of those characters who the term "breast physics" was developed for. In other words, yet another bondage gear fetishist daughter of Lara Croft.

Well, Rayne's beaten Lara once and for all with her sequel. And beaten Jigglefest Maestros Tecmo (known for Dead or Alive and the softcore porn "fan-friendly" Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball as well. We knew they'd upped the ante, because in some of the released screenshots of the game, we saw that Rayne's low rider leather pants were laceups, and open enough that you could tell... just barely... that... (cough) a good interior decorator was consulted in the design. (If you don't get that joke, ask a sixteen year old boy. No, it's not a Queer Eye reference.)

But that wasn't enough to take Tecmo down. After all, the DOA girls have their own line of swimwear. Swimwear. Based on video game characters who originally were supposed to punch people.

Well, Rayne is now going to appear in Playboy magazine, topless at the least.

By appear, we mean Rayne's developers are going to do several modeled renders of the wholly not-real-person character, then shade it in to make it even more... um... detailed.

They're doing a Playboy spread. Printed, not online. Of a video game character.

I think it's good Rayne declined to go full frontal, by the way. I mean, if Majesco, the publishing company, ever decides to do Lytle Wymen the video game, Rayne will need that "I didn't take off my panties" cred to keep from being typecast and shut out.


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