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Is it disingenuous to call this a personal shout-out?

(From Gaming Guardians. Click on the thumbnail for full sized recap moment!)

Morning, everyone. Back to work, so I'm also back to taking five minutes here and five minutes there to serve you up some snark. Hope you're all sitting comfortably in your seats and paying attention. If you brought gum, I hope you brought enough for everyone.

Graveyard Greg and WebTroll (what do I call someone called "Graveyard Greg" in a snark? Normally, I use the last name of the webcartoonist when discussing his work. For Webtroll, he's just got the one name, so he's like Madonna. But do I call Graveyard Greg just 'Greg?' Do I use the full name? Do I call him "Mr. Greg?" And if I do call him Mr. Greg, does that make me sound like a Jamaican Houseboy from a 50's sitcom? Haven't we come farther than that as a society?) have a nice little strip over at Gaming Guardians. I like the premise, because it gives them an excuse to satire... well, everything in the RPG community. (Sure, they've never parodied Sidewinder, but I think that's because they've typically chosen RPGs most people have actually heard of. And would it kill all of you to buy the stupid game? Reloaded's in PDF format. You could get it twelve seconds after reading this.) However, after four years of comics, plus the Powergamers spinoff and other such sundries, it's become... how shall we say... 'difficult' for a new person to jump in.

Yeah yeah. Another snark about cast pages. Look, it's important, okay?

Anyhow, because we're clearly doing a Recap Moment’Ѣ, this would seem an ideal time to start checking Gaming Guardians out. And with luck, they'll either link to the moment off the front page afterward or use it as an excuse to put up a cast page. Either way, this is a good step. A fine step. A TEXAS step.

Yes, I'm from Maine. What of it?


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