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I hope no one tells Chris about "Oh Heavenly Dog." Because that movie sucked.

(From Superosity. Click the thumbnail for full sized dead dogs.)

The Vacation continues to be enjoyable. Later today, a quick drive over to Maine to see the mother and father and their dogs, neither of whom look anything like the traditional Benji mold.

I always thought it was kind of creepy that the famous dogs -- Lassie and Rin Tin Tin and Benji and the like -- were more brand names than actual animals. We're supposed to just accept that any dog who looks more or less like a Collie is Lassie, for the purposes of making the movie. I know it's not unlike the many different actors who play James Bond, but at least those actors get their names in the credits. We're supposed to just say "oh, there's Benji" and not think about those Benjis past.

I dunno. Maybe I overthink dogs in movies.

Anyway, this Superosity kind of nails what I enjoy in Superosity. (More than yesterday's did, I'll admit -- if you're going to go scatological, you either need to imply it or go so over the top that it becomes absurd. Crosby shoots for the over the top and usually hits it -- as with Vomitland -- but yesterday just didn't do it for me.) Chris makes some kind of statement that Boardy can't agree with, but Boardy isn't willing to contradict Chris casually. Then, wackiness ensues. Or in this case, the nagging feeling that maybe Chris doesn't deserve to have his feelings spared. Setup, execution. The Funny.


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Chris Crosby is just generally ON CRACK. I don't know what it is about his stuff, but it makes me laugh. -- probably because it reminds me of the eccentric type humor my friends and I enjoy.

Jerry Lewis, indeed!

Just stopped by to say what a great site this is. Found it via the Comixpedia blog. Thanks for creating such an interesting blog! Do you have link buttons?

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