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I don't know what's cuter, the decapitation or Purgatory

(from Wigu. Click on the thumbnail for full sized damnation lobby.)

I'm not hugely grooving on the current Wigu storyline, though it remains a strip I look forward to. I've long suspected that Rowland lets his storylines go off in whatever direction they seem to follow (he's one of those I liken to a Jazz Musician in his art), and I think he makes some of his choices based on what he'd think is cool to draw. For instance, the spider guy in Purgatory in this strip I think appealed to him, so he worked him in.

There's been a lot of little touches in this storyline that I love. The fact that Sheriff Pony craps vanilla ice cream that is delicious (I wonder if Chris Crosby's Li'l Boardy will sue). The extreme lengths Topato is going to ducking work right now. Diablo. And the fact that Sheriff Pony was decapitated as a plot device, with neither trauma nor even a substantial slowdown of the storyline. These are fun, and keep me coming back even if this isn't my favorite plot of Wigu's by a long shot.

It goes back to one of my theories: strips that bring the Funny can get away with faltering on the Story. So long as Wigu brings the Funny, the Story can have issues and I'm not going to be bothered. But strips that lose the Funny in lieu of the Story need to absolutely kick ass with the Story, or else annoyance will follow.


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