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How sick can you get of 'thank you?'

(From one of the best, Doonesbury, Click on the thumbnail for full sized sacrifice.)

Doonesbury's been going strong for over 30 years. (All of which -- all of which -- is available for pennies over on mycomicspage.com. Jesus H. Christ. Now that is a deal.) This is why. Even if B.D. without his helmet is way too weird a sight for me.

Though maybe that's the point. Maybe losing a limb in Iraq finally makes B.D. not so 'hard headed.' Hard to say. Still, this whole run's been inspired. And it reminds me of a classic Bloom County, which also is putting its whole run on mycomicspage.com, as well as Breathed's precursor strip, Academia Waltz, which itself also used the joke. When Cutter/Saigon John is asked what he wants to do -- how he wants to express the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that the questioner is just sure he feels, with the excited and fearful boy finally asking "what do you want to do...?" Well, Cutter John wants to walk. Same ballpark as this strip -- you get sick of being told about your heroism. You just want to get on with things, and given half a chance, you'd rather go back to how you were before your 'sacrifice.'


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