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Great moments in comic strip history. Maybe

(From Bloom County, naturally. Note that clicking on the thumbnail to get the full sized image involves going to a subscription only site. LCBLT.)

Bill the Cat was always something of a bellweather for Bloom County. I still remember where I was the day that Bill the Cat returned to life in the strip. Mostly because I was at a gifted and talented high school students camp at Bowdoin College when it happened happened, and we sat around and goobed about it. The trial of Bill the Cat over Communist Treason was just one of those bellweather moments.

The reason I bring the strip up, however, is the fourth panel. If I Recall Correctly, this was the only time we ever heard Bill actually speak. I don't count the time when Donald Trump's brain was implanted in Bill's Body (which marks The Donald's only good hairstyle in history). It didn't feel right then. It doesn't feel right now. But, it came up in turn in the archive, and so we note it.


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Bill also spoke in his very first appearance, I believe -- he sang "Tomorrow", then claimed that song gave him hairballs, demanded his 20% and to be let out of the strip.

If I remember correctly.

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