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Dude. She's gorgeous. Live in the graveyard already.

(From Goats. Click on the thumbnail for fullsized Overclocked Lemon Cameo.)

Much of what I like about Goats is encapsulated in today's strip. There is weirdness. There is exposition (and Rosenberg is exceptionally good at cramming in dense word balloons without overwhelming the text). There's the glowing Overclocked Lemon just sitting in the background. And there's attempts by Jon to psyche out his girlfriend which fail because Jon's not that good at psyching anyone out.

Note also the gentle reminders of backstory. These aren't thrown in your face. They simply point out the existence of kidnappers without nipples and the guest appearance of the Space Mummy (Spummy is the character actor of the Webcomics continuum. They'll eventually have to elect him president of the union) to remind longtime readers that yes, these things happened, where new readers can follow along without feeling overburdened. (Though honestly, when the word "nippleless is involved, don't you just have to archivetrek back until it's explained?)

Plus, there is Funny. Rosenberg is another of those who balances the needs of Story well with the yearning for Funny within us all.

And even better? No Oliver! It's been weeks since we've seen Oliver! I'm all about the Oliver-free Goats experience!


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