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Don't they know this is a reproducable act for cats?

From Two Lumps. Click on the thumbnail for full sized cat glory.

I don't have a specific snark about this image, other than I think this is really what cats are doing when we're at work. My friend Bill once told me he believed that he would come home one day to find his cat Moxie looking innocent next to his computer, while the computer displayed a countdown timer from 20 down, with hilarious and hideous results.

My own cat, Sarah, conceals her networking activities by lying down on my powerbook's keyboard when I come into the room. This causes the screen to do funny things and hideous noises to come out of the machine, and makes me run, hoist her off the keyboard (giving her the right, in her mind, to be pissed at me) and close whatever she was in without thinking about it. Darn clever, that cat of mine.

I'm also convinced cats are desperately trying to compensate for their opposable thumbs. Ebenezer and Snooch's harness is just another in a long line of techniques to deal with 'doors.' Because I'm a bastard, I like to sit with Sarah (as I liked to sit with her older brother Gandolf back in the day), wiggle my thumb right in her face and say "evoooolve... evoooolve." When cats ultimately take over -- and they will -- my years of cat friendship will be forgotten in the wake of that insult, and I'll be one of the first fed to the Siameses. "Hurray!" the Siameses will say. "We shall feast for weeks!"


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