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Does anyone think it's weird Isolde has hair?

(From Ozy and Millie. Click on the thumbnails for full-sized FABULOUS!)

As part of an extended plot, Ozy's cousin Isolde needed to soak her dragon scales in mercury to turn them silver, so she'd look better in her new on-camera role on television (dragons, you see, control the media. It's a conspiracy. Dragons are all about conspiracies). So, they hijacked a shipment of thermometers and emptied them into a bathtub, so she could soak.

(It's worth noting that most thermometers don't use mercury any more, but I digress.)

Naturally, since the strip is in black and white, we don't see Isolde's color change (though he did post a color picture of her in a filler strip). However, that's not the point. This gave Simpson the opportunity to do a more general makeover of Isolde, and in so doing age her. Look at her in the first strip -- the pony tails, the untucked shirt with tie -- this is traditional Isolde, gawky in a post-adolescent way. In the second strip, she's not only on television, she's got her hair down (cue Eighties movie Journey music), an updated wardrobe, and seem fully ensconced in young womanhood. For a dragon, but still. While Ozy and Millie seem to be in the same ageless condition that comic strip kids have enjoyed since at least the Katzenjammer Kids, Simpson has found a way to shift one of his regular cast to an older incarnation, opening up a new raft of possibilities for the character. That's some subtle mojo, kids.


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