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Come back to the Funny. Embrace the Funny.

From Queen of Wands. Click on the thumbnail for full sized sadness.

You know how much I like Aeire. You know how much I like Queen of Wands. But this strip goes to the depressed well once too often for this sequence. Aeire loves the piling onto her characters with badness -- especially the characters who are the most childlike and wild and fun-loving. Kestrel's pretty well had the joy crushed out of her, so now it's Angela's turn.

I'm usually okay with bringing the Sad for the sake of Story. But... well, we did this whole thing with Kestrel and Angela before the whole Something Positive crossover. Doing it again is just dogpiling. And since Angela is clearly upset, Shannon hanging up on her just seems mean. Of course, Shannon's pregnant, and that does cause mood swings, but still. Shannon's not usually the mean one.

If for storyline purposes we needed the hanging up, they should have brought Funny here. Funny would have made this strip work. Even something like Angela saying "You're hanging up on me now, aren't you?" and then hearing a click would have turned this strip up.

Embrace the Funny. The Funny is your friend.


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