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(From Planet Earth (and other tourist traps). Click on thumbnail for full sized kidnappings!)

Every so often, you encounter a new strip and have it just 'click' for you. Its Funny grabs you, or the art nails you, or it just seems right to you. It's a great, great feeling.

I don't know much about Planet Earth yet. I saw a reference to it on The Snake Farm, found when I did my first successful Google search that acknowledged Websnark. If you think I took a look at Planet Earth specifically because they linked me first... you're right. I mean, Jesus, what did you think?

The thing is, I flipped up that strip, the first one I've seen, and boom. There it was.


The sentiment is one I wholeheartedly agree with. The number one way to build an audience for anything on the Internet is Kurtz's three point plan, and it's doubly true for webcomics. Be consistent in art choices, bring the Funny, and give people a reasonable time to expect to read your strip.

But truth does not bring Funny. Truth brings Truth, which is a good thing, but can make for a boring strip. Deeny here brings the Funny with him. Perfect setup, perfect denouement. There, we have Funny.

And a new strip that brings Funny is a lovely, lovely thing.

Oh, and he has a cast page. So boom. I can drink deep of the Funny even though I'm new. See? It works both ways! (And on the cast page, he makes mention of "the Funny." Clearly, Aaron Sorkin has infected both of our thought processes.)


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And the fact that Kurtz says "stick to a schedule" in light of your PvP update betting pool post doesn't have anything to do with why you find it so amusing? :)

Okay, no fair beating me to this comment by, like, five minutes. ;)

Hey, the irony wasn't exactly lost on me. ;)

(No sign of update yet!)

It's updated, although the RSS feed hasn't twigged to it yet.

(It's also pretty damn funny, IMO - if only he'd uploaded it earlier!)

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