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Celebrating Public Domain Guthrie, One Voice at a time

As a celebration of the discovery of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land's" public domain status, I posted the lyrics to the song. Well, in his own blog That's All I've Got To Say, Chris Meadows does me one better. He actually recorded an MP3 of himself singing the song, a capella, and threw it up for people to listen to. And wrote a new stanza which he included in the song.

We should all do this. We should have an Internet-wide celebration, where we all record ourselves singing a song which, in the end, belongs to us, not to publishers without senses of humor.

Chris started the ball rolling. If I can get the equipment (I think my USB headset is in my office) I'll do one too. You do one too. Get your friends to do one. Let's make this the most covered song on the Internet. It doesn't matter if you sound good doing it -- this song isn't meant to sound perfect. It's meant to be sung, because you want to sing it, period.

We're not trying to piss anyone off. We're just trying to celebrate a sentiment, and the idea that there reaches a point where art becomes all of ours. Let's do it!


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Another idea: if any readers out there can play a guitar, how about recording a vocal-less karaoke track using these guitar tabs, licensing it under the public domain, Creative Commons, or some other nonrestrictive license, and uploading it somewhere so folks who want to sing it don't have to do it a-capella? :)

(Or, heck, if you can find sheet music or whatever and play any other instrument, do a karaoke track that way. The guitar tabs were just easy to find. :)

I blame you. >_>

(Friendslocked entry, folks, sorry. Ain't on my list, ain't seein' it. >.> )

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