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Bastard Tommy Hilfinger

From Scary Go Round. Click on the thumbnail for disturbing poetry goodness.

I just have to say a couple of things. First off, the father is right. With each damnable ad, our children are driven deeper and deeper into the abyss.

But more to the point, the father? Looks more like me than any cartoon representation ever has. Including ones I drew myself. (Well, except for the bald spot. I have no bald spot. I have hair! Lush hair! Hah! Pushing 40 and all my hair! Who's the king now, huh? Who's the king now?!) And he's clearly married to Marcia Wallace. Which means that if I ever fulfill my dream of marrying Marsha Wallace, our children will be red haired sociopaths.

But then, I could have guessed that.


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It does look like you, Bro. Well, except that your hair is darker.

Ugh, TypeKey registration. I nearly forgot what I was going to say by the time I finished signing in. Sadly, some people won't bother, and then you'll lose those words of wisdom. You don't want that, now do you? Do you?

Okay, maybe you do.

Given the number of spam comments went onto my "Some Days" journal that I have to kill off each day? Oh yes. I do. Registration for Typekey is unobtrusive and one-time only, and then it's done. Anonymous comments only work after I can have spammers shot.

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