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Attention Frank Cho: We Found Your Clumsy Narrative Device.

From GPF.

(Click on the thumbnail for full sized strip bwahing.)

"Cue the ominous music, gang?"

"Cue the ominous music, gang?"

If you need to tell your audience to increase tension through adding in their own musical cues, you have officially failed to build tension. There are some interesting seeds Darlington has sown in recent weeks, but this? This isn't one of them. All this did what show, decisively, that Dwayne was an idiot for hiring a guy who once tried to drop a safe on him.

And that might be the key of my problems with GPF. I just don't buy it. I can buy sentient slime molds and "Secret Agent James Baud." I can't accept that after being so thoroughly hoodwinked by Trudy in the first several years of GPF, Dwayne would turn around and hire someone else he knew -- knew -- was bad news.

If we had it reinforced all along that Dwayne was a total fuckwit of a boss, then this would be okay. Bosses can be fuckwits in the comics. Hell, they're practically expected to be. But they keep telling us Dwayne is supposed to be somewhat good at what he does.

If Darlington announces some kind of named metaplot for all this, that's it. I'm done.


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