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A quick note on webcomics and bandwidth

I tend to put part or all of the strips I'm reffing up on my Snarks, with a link back to the comic itself. Generally I put a thumbnail of the strip up, with a "click to enlarge" option, unless the original's size is conducive to just being there.

For the record, I move copies of the strips into my own storage space and all bandwidth consumed by Websnark is my own, not the creators. Ultimately, I want people to follow the links and read the strips for themselves (yes, even the ones I bitch about). I don't want to steal the bandwidth from the people I'm snarking about. That's just not cricket.

So the costs for this site are mine, not others. That's the upstanding way to trash people, damn it!


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That's pretty much the way I like it. In fact, I've just updated the "first time here?" page at my site with a pretty basic image use policy:

"Feel free to either link to the page you found the image or copy the image, put it on your site, and link back to the site you took it from."

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