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A confession.

(From It's Walky. Click on the thumbnail for full sized... something.)

My name is Eric Alfred Burns. I am a professional writer. I am a systems administrator. I am a college graduate, Cum Laude, noted for a frightening command of useless trivia. I am a lapsed member of Mensa. I am trained in philosophy, in history, in literature, in science and in technology. I have read It's Walky every day for years.

My name is Eric Alfred Burns, and I no longer have even the slightest idea of what's going on in this strip. Not even slightly. I don't think I'm stupid. But I suppose it's possible.

If this thing weren't ending sometime soon, it'd still be history.


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It's actually quite simple, really.

The Martians (who are not really from Mars, apparently), whose presence a generation ago caused SEMME to be founded, are back. And more than a little peeved. All the various characters in the strip are trying to find ways to save the world, even the villains (hey, gotta have a world to conquer).

Walky had a vision of the future during the "Head Alien broke timespace" arc, in which he saw his beloved die horribly. He's been acting weird a lot lately in an attempt to avert that fate, but now figures the only way he can stop it is to kill the Martians before they can kill Joyce.

Joe thinks he has a loophole in the "you can't use Martian tech against the Martians" assumption, converting Danny's car into a superweapon and collecting a few tagalongs in the process.

The annoying Brit guy now ordering the remains of SEMME around turns out to be the scion of a Hidden Conspiracy that was largely responsible for SEMME getting put together, and it's implied that a lot of the nastiness in the backstory was really orchestrated by them in an attempt to build a defense against both The Cheese and the Martians.

Sal's having soap opera style lifestyle issues, which I presume you are having no trouble following.

Mike is pissed off at the world.

Beef was working with the Hidden Conspiracy all along, showing how much of a Transformers fanboy Willis is, as Beef is recapitulating Tankor's plot arc from Beast Machines.

A number of minor characters are getting one last bit of business, and this is causing something of a smokescreen that makes it harder to discern the plot.

Sorry. Even with the explanation, half the action just seems disjointed and making me totally lost.
I like to think I'm fairly intelligent. I've been following It's Walky occasionally for two years, and every day for a year.
If something is losing me, I usually don't think it's not me following it---I think it's confusedly written.
This---is confusedly/badly written/plotted.---Al

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